What is so important about humidity?

In any commercially useable space, where air is being exchanged, humidifying that air is almost always desirable and often essential. Take computer rooms or hospital diagnostic centers, for example. Proper humidification in those areas controls the occurrence of static electricity, which can otherwise cause errors in important readings and equipment operation. Also, with print shops, photographic labs and electronics manufacturers, an efficient humidification system will ensure smooth product processing. Likewise, in fruit and vegetable storage rooms, a controlled humidity environment helps maintain freshness and quality. Humidifirst ultrasonic humidifiers are designed to provide the tight humidification control necessary for this wide range of applications.

How do ultrasonic humidifiers work?

Ultrasonic humidifiers use a piezo-electric transducer to create a high frequency mechanical oscillation in a body of water. The water tries to follow the high frequency oscillation but cannot because of its comparative weight and mass inertia. Thus, a momentary vacuum is created on the negative oscillation, causing the water to cavitate into vapor. The transducer follows this with a positive oscillation that creates high pressure compression waves on the water’s surface, releasing tiny vapor molecules of water into the air. This is an extremely fine mist, about one micron in diameter, that is quickly absorbed into the air flow. Since the mist is created by oscillation, not heat, the water temperature need not be raised. Ultrasonic humidifiers, therefore, can create instantaneous humidity, and don’t have to wait for a heating element to boil the water. This precise on/off humidity control is the hallmark of ultrasonic humidifiers. In addition, unlike wet pad humidifiers, ultrasonic units can be of comparatively small size, and still produce significant amounts of vapor.

What other advantages are there with ultrasonic humidifiers?

The biggest advantage of ultrasonics is the energy savings. Compared to steam canisters and infrared humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers require about 93% less electricity to humidify the same size space! In addition, this small electricity requirement can lead to significant savings in the cost of wiring, electrical distribution boards, standby generation and even the main input transformer to the building. Energy analysis calculations show that the lower energy costs, alone, can give the customer a payback in a single year. Another advantage to ultrasonic humidifiers is their easy maintenance. There are no pans to scrub, infrared bulbs to change or steam canisters to replace. They are easy to clean, especially if the customer uses purified water, which has the added benefit of eliminating contaminates from the discharged air.

How do HUMIDIFIRST ultrasonic humidifiers compare with other ultrasonics on the market?

In general, the others on the market are good humidifiers. They all provide the benefits of ultrasonic humidity control and their designs are on par with industry standards. However, our mission at HUMIDIFIRST is not average. Our goal is to build very high quality ultrasonic humidifiers that are also easy to use and simple to maintain. They must function well not only in the first year, but also at years five and ten. We want owners and service technicians alike to say to themselves: “This is a really well designed humidifier. It’s so easy!”




free tech support

Humidifirst offers free tech support. Immediately! No need to wait on hold or leave messages that might get returned. Talk with an actual trained technician. Get real answers and real solutions.

fastest lead times

Humidifirst prides itself on being able to deliver products faster then any of its competitors. Most orders ship in days, not weeks. Whether it’s a standard on-off humidifier or a custom built proportional control system, Humidifirst provides delivery times you can count on.

replacement parts

Humidifirst has invested a great deal in ensuring all parts are always in stock. Making sure you and your customer are never left with long lead times or backorders. Order factory direct - no third party company or off brand parts.

trust & reliability

At Humidifirst, we stand by our product with a 1-year warranty and free factory evaluation of equipment sent in for service. Our aim is to build the highest quality products that function well not only in the first year, but also at years five and ten.




Is the humidifier specifically designed to its task or does the manufacturer try to use one style for all applications?


HUMIDIFIRST has patents on a number of different ultrasonic humidifier applications. We are the only manufacturer of a mistless humidifier, an important product for customers who need exact humidity control but don’t want a mist blowing on equipment or employees. We also make a unique fan powered unit for installation inside air handlers. This unit has self controlled air flow that allows for placement of the humidifier anywhere inside the air handler. Other manufacturers have to restrict placement of their humidifiers to laminar air flow patterns and require field installation of baffles to ensure adequate air flow through their humidifiers. In addition, HUMIDIFIRST stands alone in providing quick connect/disconnect valves for its power and water lines.


Is the design of the humidifier simple and well thought out?


HUMIDIFIRST prides itself on having the easiest ultrasonic humidifiers to operate and maintain. Our engineers spent hundreds of hours designing, testing and redesigning our humidifiers to make them easier and simpler to use. Compare, for example, the ease with which you can access the transducers of a HUMIDIFIRST humidifier. Simply remove a few stainless steel screws, and you’re in! With our competition, you’ll have to rest your wrist as you tool-loosen dozens of bolts and screws. Compare, as well, the ease of operating our fan-powered units. You just plug them into a standard electrical outlet and turn them on. There’s no need to hard wire these humidifiers, and you don’t need bulky control boxes, either. We analogize it to the simplicity of a washing machine. You just connect water to a washing machine, plug it in, and turn it on. There’s no reason why a precision humidifier shouldn’t operate the same way.


Where is the humidifier made?


HUMIDIFIRST products are manufactured 100% in the United States. Our competitors have their ultrasonic humidifiers built overseas, and then distribute them in America. Not only does this add another cost layer to their products, but it means that changes, improvements and modifications to the humidifiers must come from a different company than the seller. At HUMIDIFIRST, we continually strive to improve our products, and we can effectively implement improvements because our turn-around time for design changes is a fraction of the time required by the foreign companies. Our manufacturing facility is located in Boynton beach Florida, where everything is made from the humidifier modules to the control panels.