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Ultrasonic humidifier Specifications

Humidifier module and Master Panel

The humidifier shall be a packaged, self-contained ultrasonic humidifier using the
principle of ultrasonic nebulization. Each humidifier shall use a multiple of ultrasonic
transducers that vibrate at approximately 1.6 megahertz, producing a droplet size of
approximately 1 micron. Each transducer circuit shall use the “thickness vibration
method” of humidification via a piezoelectric converter. The ultrasonic transducers shall convert the electric energy into mechanical energy, causing the water to cavitate,
resulting in the production on one micron sized water particles. The design of the
humidifier housing shall prevent larger droplets from leaving the humidifier assembly.

The humidifier shall consume no more than 33 watts per pound of humidification

The ultrasonic humidifier shall not produce any unacceptable noise. The sound level
shall not exceed 50 db at 5 feet from the humidifier module.

The ultrasonic humidifier shall not require a flush cycle and shall have instant on and off operation in order to maintain precise room relative humidity.

The humidifier housing and discharge nozzles shall be made of ABS plastic and high grade stainless steel.

The system shall be pre-wired with quick connects provided to connect the Master Panel to the humidifier module. The Master Panel will be provided with:

  1. pre-wired humidistat with 10’cord
  2. 7’ power cord with 120 volt receptacle
  3. 12 power/control cord to connect the Master Panel to the humidifier

Each humidifier shall have the following components:

Solenoid valve to control water flow into the humidifier
Float switch to control water level.
Float switch to provide for low water shutdown
Piezoelectric crystals (transducers)
On/off humidistat


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